Revolt Against the Elites

Source: Jim Rickards

You’re acquainted with recent demonstrations in Hong Kong. But this is not a local phenomenon. Protests bordering on riots are occurring in Barcelona, Paris, Santiago, Baghdad, Caracas and elsewhere. Meanwhile, the UK, Israel, Italy and the U.S. all have governments that are divided to the point of paralysis.

When you add it all up, it is reasonable to ask if we are watching the beginning of the end of the existing order.

This article offers a closer look at the situation in Santiago. But the larger point is that we are witnessing a global surge in urban protests against elites and governments that either deny human rights or block paths to economic progress or both.

Investors with gold, silver, land, hard assets, fine art and other tangibles are in the best position to survive the worst.

Comment from Bo Foster:

Real estate is a hard asset! No matter what one’s political views are, even with its own short term value fluctuations, long term, real estate is a lot more likely to survive economic upheavals.


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