Latest Data Show 89 Housing Markets Reach Full Value Recovery

The Local Markets Index is a housing indicator compiled by
Utilizing home pricing data, the Index shows year-over-year price changes for
single-family housing markets in all 300 top U.S. markets.

The most recent data available for this index shows significant improvement.

On a broad scale, the index shows that 60 of the top 200 midsize markets have
fully recovered their decline in value in the recent recession. That brings
the total number of fully recovered markets to 89, which is 30% of all markets

All of the 200 midsize markets continue to show gains year-over-year.

The number of top 100 markets achieving full price recovery increased to 29.

Other highlights of the latest report:

Year-over-year increases in all top 300 markets
Monthly increases in 82 of the top 100 markets and in 167 of the 200 midsize markets.


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