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Housing Market Cools a Bit – Good News for Buyers

Source: RIS Media

The rapid increase in home prices over the past two years
is finally showing signs of a healthy slowing, according to
the third quarter Zillow Real Estate Market Report.

Potential buyers who have been unable to find value in hot markets will
enjoy some relief, and the slowing in price appreciation will
also help to alleviate fears of another housing bubble.

The annual growth rate of home prices peaked in April at
8.1 percent, and has fallen in each month since. According to
the Zillow Home Value Index, U.S. home values increased 6.5
percent on a year-over-year basis from September 2013 to September

The rate of appreciation is expected to continue slowing, with
current forecasts predicting home prices to grow at a rate of 3 percent
over the next year.